Importing Products

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To import products via CSV, you will need to upload your products using the Convictional Products CSV template.

Note: If you are connecting with a modern ecommerce platform then your products will automatically sync into the Products tab.


You can find a template for uploading products here.

To make a copy, select File > Make A Copy, and that will create an editable template. To create a local copy, select File > Download.

Once completed, your Products CSV should have lines that look like this:

12345,A Great Product,Vendor,Beauty,“Tags, Tags, Tags”,54321,A Great Variant,4,9.99,, <p>Product description.</p>, Size, 2, Color, Black

A description of each of these elements is outlined below:


Element Name



Code (required)

Your unique code for this product.


Title (required)

A short description of your product

Great Product


Your brand or the product brand

(if carrying multiple brands)

Company Name


The type of product. Can also be category.

Hats, Bicycles


Tags for the product

Toronto, Handmade


Unique SKU for the variant. If left blank it will be generated by combining the option values entered below.

shirt-blue-xl, 12345678


Description of the variant. If left blank it will be generated by combining the product title and the option values below.

Great Product in Blue with Pattern

Inventory (required)

The current stock level

0 or greater for tracked inventory.

-1 for non-tracked inventory.

Price (required)

The retail price for the variant (the MSRP)

$0 or greater

Image URL

The URL for this variant's image


The HTML body for the website display. The content of this field will be sanitized for security reasons, but the structure will remain the same as it is provided.

<p>Product Description</p>

Option1 Name

The name of the first option


Option1 Value

The value for the variant.

"Size 4" or "4"

Option2 Name

The name of the second option


Option2 Value

The value for this variant


Option3 Name

The name of the third option


Option3 Value

The value for this variant


Remember to leave empty spaces for optional fields if you do not want to complete them.
Price refers to the retail price you currently charge for this product.
The price that you charge a buyer will be covered by price lists.


  • Code is required and determines the product.
  • All the variants of a product should have the same code.
  • The file type must be CSV. Excel (.xls) format is not accepted. 
  • Send variants up in the order you want them to appear (ie. Small, Medium, Large)
  • Leave empty spaces for empty or optional fields (ie. “,”)
  • All Option Names need to be consistent across the full column.


  • For sellers carrying multiple brands, Vendor is used to specify the brand for the product.
  • If the upload fails, check the format or ask Support to review the file.
  • If Microsoft Excel changes your SKUs to scientific notation (ex: 4.17E+12) then you can resolve by selecting your columns for SKU and Product Code and setting the data type to Text. To confirm success, open your CSV in a text editor like Notepad and search for "e+" and "E+". You can read more about how to solve that here


You can upload your Products CSV in the Products tab.

Updating Inventory by CSV

To update your inventory, simply upload another copy of your Products CSV but with updated inventory figures. This is also uploaded in the Products tab.

Next Steps

Once you're done uploading your products, you'll have to create a price list for your products.

Here's how you upload a price list.

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