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How to manage notifications that show up in your Issues tab

When action is required on an item in Convictional we will notify those who are subscribed to the "Critical TradeOps issues opened" notification (as showing below:)

We will notify the email of those subscribed to the notification and direct them to view the error showing in the Issues tab. This section is the command centre for both buyers and sellers who have important information, or actions required on their account. Any problems with Orders, Invoices, Inventory or other platform related problems will show up in this section and need to be actioned by the respective team.

Issue Actions:

Issues will be listed from most recent to oldest and include information about the affected item as well as a link to visit that page. In the example showing below the order was fulfilled without tracking information and we are directed to the page by following the link:

As you can see, there is also a link to our support document on the relevant issue. If you are unsure of the action required please review the linked document in the Issue, or reach out to our support team directly.

Archive Issues:

Issues can be archived manually either once actioned, or if no further action is needed. You can view the archive button below. You can see the option to view archived issues in the same image:

Order Actions:

Some issues, such as unexpected stock out's may need to be retried from the Order page directly as showing below:

Best Practices:

In order to stay on top of issues when they are surfaced, we've listed some best practices with handling them:

  • Ensure that a team member is subscribed to the notifications and is actively watching for issues to be surfaced
  • Review issues as soon as you are notified so that in case there are any communication delays with your partner or our support team, the next steps are ready to be actioned
  • If you are unsure of what you need to do to resolve an issue don't hesitate to reach out to our support team

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