Downloadable Image Links

Sellers who import their products via CSV need to include the correct image links in order for product images to be available for buyers.

CDN-Hosted Images

In the Importing Products template there is a field for Image URL. This allows sellers to make their product image(s) available for buyers and have those images sync across to the buyer's own ecommerce platform.

These images must be hosted in a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows for direct download of the image. Broadly used CDNs include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Cloudflare.

Below are instructions on how to generate downloadable image links with other common cloud-storage providers:


A commonly used cloud storage platform is Dropbox. While dropbox is not a typical CDN, Dropbox-hosted images can still be included in the Products CSV template.

A typical dropbox image link looks like:

To configure a Dropbox image link in a format that supports automatic download, replace the with

Modifying the link above, the correct URL would be:

Google Drive

Once photos are marked as accessible across the web then they become CDN-hosted links and do not need to be modified. Source


Similar clean-up effort as with Dropbox. Sellers export URLs which contain links to static images, but modifying the URL can turn it into the CDN-hosted link.

A typical image link (via CSV export) looks like:

Modify the link above to this format:

Where ##### represents everything that comes after the .com/static/

Alternative Services

If you wish to share product images hosted in an alternative service and wish to confirm if your links will be available for download by your buyers, please Contact Support

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