Configuring Per-Order Fees

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This information is for vendors that are sellers. If you are a buyer, you can find out how per-order fees apply to you here.


Per-order fees are a way for you, as a seller, to charge either a flat fee, or a percentage of an order. This charge is a specific line item on an order, that is not part of the products or their associated price list.

How To Configure

Configuration of a per-order fee are on the partnership level and can be found on the partner detail page. If you update or change the per-order fee settings for the partnership, the buyer will be notified.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged into Convictional
  2. Navigate to the Partners page on the left hand sidebar
  3. Click the Edit button for a partnership that you wish to configure a per-order fee for
  4. Under Billing you can set an amount and type
  5. Click Save at the top right hand of the page


Flat Fee

Using the flat fee type when configuring the per-order fee on the partnership will apply a specified currency amount to each order. The currency of that fee on the order is dictated by the price list currency set on that partnership.

If you want to set a fee, it must not be a negative number (Ex: -$10.00). If you want to remove a previously set fee, set the amount to 0.


The percentage fee type will calculate a fee based for an order based on the order item total before taxes (if applicable).

If you want to set a percentage, it must not be a negative number (Ex: -10%). If you want to remove the previously set fee, set the percentage to 0.

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