How to Create a Test Order as an EDI Seller

In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating a test order through the Convictional app.

At this point, you should already have uploaded products through SFTP and have created an active price list.

Navigate to the Get Started page, you will see a section for a Test Order

From the dropdown, select a price list that you'd like to use for this test order. Then click on 'Select Products for Test Order'. At this point, a testing partnership with Convictional's test buyer will be created with your chosen price list.

A modal will appear for you to create an order based on a variant and desired quantity. Click on 'Place Test Order' to create a test order.

You will see the following screen when you've successfully created the test order

Now, navigate to the Orders page. Test orders are flagged and highlighted, click on the test order to see more order details.

You will have to confirm the Test Order before Convictional will send you a Purchase Order (850). You can do so by clicking 'Sync the Test Order to My Platform'

In the next 15 minutes, a Purchase Order (850) will be sent to your inbound directory on the SFTP server.

Test the remainder of your order process by uploading a Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) and a Ship Notice (856) to your outbound directory on the SFTP server. Your files will be processed in the next 15-30 mins. Verify in the orders page that fulfillments have been created or items have been marked as 'Cancelled' if they were rejected in the 855.

When you are ready, navigate back to the onboarding card and click on 'Mark as Completed' to complete this onboarding step or click on 'Select Products for Test Order' to create another test order to verify your process.

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