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Fulfilling orders from your ecommerce platform

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What are fulfillments?

When one talks about fulfillment, one is referring to the entire process of receiving, packaging, and shipping orders for goods. With Convictional, we integrate with your ecommerce platform so that order information can be seamlessly exchanged between trading partners. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined fulfillment process for everyone involved.

Convictional pays attention to the following fulfillment information:

  • Specific order items and their quantities for each individual fulfillment
  • Carrier details
  • Tracking number
  • A URL customers can click to view the tracking information 

How do fulfillments work in Convictional?

Posting an order is the first step in the fulfillment process. Order information will be synced automatically between platforms when an order has been placed on the buyer storefront.

If you're using are not integrated using a supported platform, you will fulfill orders manually from our Web App

If you are using one of the following account integrations, you will conduct fulfillment directly from your ecommerce platform:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • * WooCommerce - see Special Cases for information on fulfillment plugin.
  • Magento 2

Convictional checks for updates on unshipped orders every 15 minutes. If a seller has added new fulfillment information to an order, Convictional will pull that information and attach it to its own stored copy of the order. This updated information is then pushed out to the buyer platform and attached to their version of the order as well.

Convictional automatically checks whether the fulfillment satisfies all of the order items and quantities on the order. 

  • If it does, Convictional sets the status of the order to “Shipped” in our system. This means that Convictional will no longer check for fulfillment information from the seller. 
  • If it does not, Convictional does not change the status of the order. Convictional will only update the status of the order to “Shipped” once the entire order has been fulfilled.

Updating fulfillment information

If you need to update the carrier name, tracking number or URL that was initially used during fulfillment you will need to take the following actions:

1) Cancel fulfillment on your ecommerce platform

2) Mark the items as fulfilled again, this time using the correct details

3) Wait up to 1 hour for those details to sync to Convictional. You can notify your partner that the new details will be updated on their order in that time frame.

Special Cases

  • Convictional supports multiple tracking numbers, but only when multiple products are being fulfilled. Multiple tracking numbers cannot be used to fulfill a single item.
  • * Sellers that use WooCommerce will need to install this supported plugin to allow for fulfillments to be entered into Convictional.

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