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Passwordless Sign-in

Convictional uses a Passwordless sign-in in order for you to gain access to your Convictional account.

For a description of the security benefits of passwordless vs password-based authentication, see our Security doc.


In order to sign-in, go to the Convictional Login page and enter the email address associated with your Convictional account. You will then receive an email from which will include a link for you to click.

Click that link and you will be signed-in to your Convictional account in a new window, as well as in any other tabs you may have open.

Here is a GIF showing this process:

Gaining Company Account Access

If you experience issues with your passwordless sign-in, please confirm with your account administration that you have been invited to your company's convictional account. This can be done in the Team Settings by anyone with access to your company's account.

For instructions on adding new users, see Inviting New Users.


If you have confirmed that your email address has access to your company's Convictional account (or you are a current user who is now experiencing issues) please contact Support.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)