Migrating Ecommerce Platforms

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The purpose of this guide is to outline the steps involved in migrating a seller's ecommerce platform.

Currently, changing ecommerce platforms within the app's settings is not supported. In order to change platforms there are several steps to be taken outside of the platform, detailed below.

In order to effectively transition a seller's platform, certain actions must be taken by the seller, buyer, and Convictional:

Seller Actions

  1. Determine the supported ecommerce platform you wish to migrate to.
  2. Sign up for a new Convictional account and select your new platform from the dropdown menu.
  3. Connect your ecommerce platform from the Integrations tab in the settings menu.
  4. Create a new price list(s).
  5. Attach the price list(s) to your existing partners and invite them to trade with your new account.
  6. Confirm completion of these steps over email with your buyer and Convictional Support.
Sellers can refer to the Pricing Guide and the Inviting Customers Guide for assistance.

Buyer Actions

Once notified that a seller's new account is ready to be onboarded, use the new email to create a partner.

  1. De-list the products synced across from the seller's previous account.
  2. Select the products from the new seller account.
  3. Send a test order to the new seller account.
Buyers can refer to the Inviting Sellers Guide and Selecting Products Guide for assistance.

Convictional Actions

  1. Once the new seller account has been created, Convictional will deactivate the old seller account.
  2. Convictional will then confirm that the new account is syncing correctly.
The standard timeline to fully transition a seller's ecommerce platform is approximately 1 week.

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