Understanding Per-Order Fees

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This information is for vendors that are buyers. If you are a seller, you can find out how per-order fees apply to you here.


Per-order fees are a way for your partners, sellers, to charge either a flat fee, or a percentage of an order. This charge is a specific line item on an order, that is not part of the products or their associated price list.

How To View

Configuration of a per-order fee are on the partnership level and can be found on the partner detail page. If the seller updates or changes the per-order fee settings for the partnership, you will receive notification within the app. Additionally, the requirement for Per-order fees to be invoiced is that the partnership is invoicing through Stripe. Without Stripe connected, Per-order fees will not transmit.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged into Convictional
  2. Navigate to the Partners page on the left hand sidebar
  3. Click the Edit button to view the configuration of that partnership
  4. Under Billing you can see if a per-order fee is applied, and what type is configured
To view the types of per-order fee that are available and how they are applied to orders, can be viewed here.

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