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Successful Support Interactions

Convictional's Support Function

  • During our support hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST), we try to respond to support emails as quickly as possible and aim to have most issues resolved same-day. In the case of a technically complex issue, we'll keep you updated as we work to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Convictional uses a shared inbox management tool called Front to manage incoming emails. This means that your support request is visible to every single person in the company. That makes it easier for us to get the right eyes on the issue in a timely manner and reduces barriers to making sure the issue gets a forever fix instead of just a band-aid.
  • Please avoid emailing a specific person with support requests. Emailing helps the best person respond as quickly as possible.

Before Contacting Support

  1. Try Google Chrome as your browser. We test against other browsers, but we have found that the most consistent behaviour occurs in Chrome.
  2. Try logging out. Some combination of logging out/back in of your various connected platforms and Convictional can sometimes help newly synced information push through.
  3. Use our Chat function to get immediate assistance for your problem. Chat can point you in the direction of the appropriate support resource and provide helpful insight into the problem.
  4. Check our knowledge base. We're continuously updating our knowledge base. When we notice we've gotten similar questions a few times, we write a doc about it. Our knowledge base keeps track of search terms that turned up empty, so we're able to write docs based on that information in concordance with support interaction data.

Contacting Support

If you've done all of these things and the issue persists, escalate to

Preparing a great support email is something that's completely in your control and leads to having an effective support interaction. Sharing key information with us in your initial email will help us dive right in and resolve your issue faster.

Some things to consider:

  1. Email us from the email associated with your Convictional account. If this isn't possible, you must include your store URL in your email. Depending on the situation we may verify with the account owner that you have permissions.
  2. Tell us which OS (e.g. windows, apple, linux) and browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) you are using. We need to know what OS and browser you are using in order to resolve interface issues.
  3. Tell us what your goal was. Knowing what you wanted to happen will help us actually make it happen. Some things are pretty obvious (you wanted the file to upload and it didn’t seem to) and others are less so.
  4. Tell us what actually happened. Sharing what is actually happening as opposed to what you think is happening is extremely helpful. Tell us what have you tried to solve the issue already and whether it resembles an issue you've experienced before. Any information identifiers (e.g. a SKU or order number) that would help us locate the issue can be helpful when applicable. Detailed information about whether and how this issue is affecting your connected platforms can also help us identify what's going on.
  5. Tell us the timeline. When did it last work? What has happened since then? What time did you try certain actions at? Answers to questions like this help us as we review logs.
  6. Share screenshots, gifs, or short videos. This helps us see exactly what you're seeing as you go through the motions. There are often tells in the user interface that help us identify the issue at hand.
Using "Urgent." In our opinion, the most important issues are the ones that prevent you or your customers from making money. If you ever run into an issue that is making it impossible to pass order information or complete payouts, include the word "urgent" in the subject line or body of your email. This will flag the issue and put it at the top of our inbox.

An Example

Ineffective Support Email

Unfortunately it’s very hard to help this customer. We don’t know who they are, or what the problem is. So it’s hard to ask the right questions and resolve the issue they're experiencing

Hi Convictional,

Products isn’t working! When do you think it will be working??? My boss asked me to email you about it.



Effective Support Email

This is a good example of giving us everything we need so that we can help this customer rapidly:

Hi Convictional,

It’s Roger at Customer ABC ( I noticed that when I try to save my products, the image position isn’t getting updated. I tried it using Chrome on my Macbook. I’d like for the image position to be saved when I change it using drag and drop. I've attached a short video of what I see. Can you let me know when this is resolved?



From this we have what we need to get back to the customer with a timeline or an immediate fix. The key is knowing who is contacting us, what they expect, what they are hoping for instead, and details about what device they are using so that we can test against a similar environment.

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