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Connecting Your Platform

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Getting Connected

In order to connect with Convictional, you will need to determine how you'll share information with and receive information from Convictional. Convictional has a few options for connecting, and the method you choose will reflect how you're already conducting business in almost every case.

Modern Ecommerce Platforms

For sellers on ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento 2) please refer to the guides below: 

Once the correct supported platform has been identified, go to the Settings tab, connect your platform, and provide the requested permissions. 

If you've connected with an ecommerce platform, please confirm that your Products have synced through in the Convictional Products tab and then proceed to setup your prices using the Importing Prices guide. 

CSV / SFTP Methods

For sellers looking to connect using CSV files and/or setting up and FTP feed, please refer to the SFTP Guide. If you have questions, please email

API Integration

For sellers looking to connect via an API integration, please refer to our API guide here.

EDI Integration via SFTP

For sellers looking to connect with their partners via EDI, please refer to our EDI guide here.

Other Methods

If you're unsure of whether your ecommerce platform or method of information sharing is currently supported, please refer to our list of connection methods at here.

Next Steps

Once you have identified the best connection method for your needs, please follow the steps specific to that method to ensure that we have a way of connecting with your systems.

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