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Convictional supports the transfer of EDI messages via SFTP.

SFTP details



Your username and password are accessed via the Convictional app at


  • /outbound - This is where you will place files being sent to Convictional
    • product csv, 846, 855, 856
  • /inbound - This is where Convictional will place files for you to consume
    • 997, 850

File naming and extensions

By default, Convictional expects EDI files to have one of the following extensions: .x12, .edi, .dat, .txt. If you need to send files with a different extension, that can be configured at All EDI files that Convictional sends will have a .x12 extension and have the following naming convention:



Convictional does not require a specific naming convention for files we receive, but they should otherwise be unique within the integration to avoid conflicts.

Data flow

  • All EDI files must contain a single transaction set. Single-file batching is not supported, and Convictional will only ever send one transaction set within a file and expects to only ever see one transaction set in a file we receive.
  • Convictional checks for new files to process in the /outbound directory every 15 minutes.
  • Convictional writes files to the /inbound directory any time there is a new 850 or 997 to send.
  • Any errors encountered will result in TradeOps Issues being created.
  • If you are looking for details on transaction sets related to order flow (850, 855, 856), you can typically find these on the related order page In some cases an issue with file processing (like malformed edi file) can result in the EDI record not being associated with an order. If that happens you can reach out to

ISA identifiers

You can configure your own ISA qualifier and identifier in


Qualifier: 01
ID: 117522184


ISA qualifiers and IDs in production are based on your trading partners configuration. If clarification is needed regarding identifiers for your trading parter in Convictional, please reach out to

Product Identifiers

In order for Convictional to successfully process transaction sets that make references to products, it is important that the products being referenced in these messages are properly set up in Convictional with the expected identifiers.

By default, all products will need valid barcodes populated. In this setup, segments with product identifers will for example contain ...UP*12347679... within the segment. Refer to our mapping specifications for more detail and examples. If for some reason you can not support identifying products by barcode, please contacts for accomodation.


EDI integrations are expected to manage inventory via 846s. When products are initially created via CSV, they can seed an initial inventory count but ongoing csv processing will ignore inventory and defer to counts provided in the 846.


Once you've set up products and pricing within Convictional and are ready to test EDI flows (inventory and orders), you can generate a test order through the app by following these steps. Once the test order is created within convictional, you should see the 850 in your /inbound directory within 30 minutes.

Depending upon the complexity of partial orders and fulfillments you plan to support, consider additional testing against the following scenarios:

  • one order, completely accepted by the 855 and completely fulfilled by an 856
  • one order, completely rejected by the 855
  • one order, partially rejected and partially accepted by the 855, and partially fulfilled by 856

Mapping specifications and examples

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