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Connecting Shopify

The purpose of this guide is to walk through the steps of connecting Convictional to your Shopify store.

Step One: Select Shopify as your integration type

During our account creation process, you will be first be asked what role you are playing in the relationship with your partner (either a buyer or a seller) and after that you will be asked to specify your integration type. Select Shopify as showing below:

Step Two: Install Convictional on the Shopify App Store

From here you will be asked to Connect your Shopify store to Convictional. Clicking that button will open up the Shopify store selector and all available stores used by the email you are creating the account with.

From there you will be asked to Install the Convictional app from the Shopify app store:

Step Three: Confirm Account details

Once you accept the permissions we will redirect you back to Convictional and be asked to confirm that the Shopify URL is correct.

As long as you have selected the correct account from the menu you can proceed by hitting 'Next':

You will be asked to confirm the settings one last time before creating the account and from there you will arrive in the Convictional dashboard.

Tip: When setting up a seller account, after the initial connection your products will be visible within the Products tab. Afterwards products are synced on an hourly basis.

Next Steps

With your Shopify store now connected, we will be able to sync your information with your partners. By default, we will sync active products, inventory counts, and order fulfillments.

If you are a buyer, your next step is to invite your partners. You can do so on the Partners page. See our guide: Adding Partners

If you are a seller, your next step is to setup your pricing. You can do so on the Prices page. See our guide: Setup Pricing

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Shopify Product Syncing