How to Solve Shopify "Item Not Recognized" Error

As a Shopify Buyer (e.g. a retailer or marketplace) using Convictional to connect with your vendors, you may occasionally receive one of these notifications:

A critical Trade Ops Issue has occurred within Convictional:

A Shopify order could not sync to Convictional. Item not recognized: Short Sleeve T-Shirt | S / White. Shopify Order ID: 4187846737974

Possible next steps:
Edit or Cancel Shopify Order

What does this mean?

This notification means that a customer created an order for Convictional items in your Shopify store. But, when we tried pulling the order into our system, we weren't able to match the order item to a product registered in our system. This causes the Shopify order to be rejected by us, so you will not find the order within Convictional. You will need to follow the next steps or the order will go unfulfilled.

This alert may also be visible on the Trade Ops Issues page.

Why did this happen?

This error happens because an item in your Shopify store has become disconnected from Convictional. Once an item is disconnected, every time that item is ordered you will receive the same "Item not recognized" error.

Fortunately, once the problem is fixed both current and future orders will proceed normally again!

How do I fix it?

Here's how to fix an order that can't be synced to Convictional due to an "Item not recognized" error:

  • You will need to reach out to and we will respond ASAP to get your order moving again! You can actually reply to the original email alert. Start a draft reply now, in the next steps you'll paste in some additional info to help us fix your order:
  • Go to the Convictional Products page, and find the product mentioned in the alert. In our example above, this was "Short Sleeve T-Shirt".
  • Drill down into the page for that product. Copy the product page URL and paste it into the email.
  • On the same page, find the variant that was ordered. In our example above, this was "S / White". Copy the Convictional variant title and paste it into the email. Confirm once again that this variant is the one that you intend to order. If the wrong variant is chosen, your customers will be receiving the wrong item!
  • You're ready to send that email! You have given us all the info needed to quickly fix the disconnected item. Your order will sync to your vendor soon!
Note: If you can't find the product or variant within Convictional, you should reach out to your vendor in case they have discontinued the item. If so, you can cancel your order in Shopify and remove the product from being ordered in the future.

How do I prevent it?

"Item not recognized" errors are preventable and predictable. Shopify variants become disconnected from Convictional when you add/delete variants on an existing Shopify product. If you avoid creating/deleting variants this way, you can easily prevent any disconnects from happening!

If you receive this error frequently, you can reach out to and we will run a diagnostic that reports all of your disconnected Shopify items. We will then work with you to fix and prevent further issues!

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