Autonomous Merchandising

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Automate Merchandising Tasks

Buyers can set rules in their partnership settings that will apply merchandising jobs to products before they are synced to the buyer's store.

Currently Convictional allows for simple transformations of text data, translations, automated tagging, image sizing, and automated categorization using Google Product Categories.

Data Transformations

Convictional will automatically transform data received from sellers before the products are synced to a buyer's connected platform. Convictional can support the following data transformations:

  • Product Title case sensitivity. Transform product titles to ALL CAPS, lowercase, or Titular Case.
  • Product Title templating. Create uniformity in product titles by templatizing. Ex. Append product titles with vendor name: "[Vendor Name] | [Product Title]"
  • Product Description case sensitivity. Transform product descriptions to ALL CAPS, lowercase, or Titular Case.
  • Customize tagging. Convictional can accommodate the following tagging rules:
    • Remove seller's tags
    • Add Vendor Name as a tag
    • Add Google Product Category as a tag
    • Add standardized custom tags (ex. add "shipped by vendor" to all products)
  • SEO Title templating. Templatize SEO titles to increase product discoverability. Ex. "[Retailer Name] - Product title"
  • Translations. Convictional can auto-translate product titles and descriptions to additional languages.

Automate Google Product Taxonomy

Convictional uses AI to analyze sellers' product titles and descriptions to assign the most appropriate Google Product Category to products. This can help buyers customize their website's categorization to ensure products are easily findable on the site. Please reach out to to enable this setting.

A couple of notes:

  • Our AI will automatically assign Google Product Category to the most specific level. This will be added to any products created after you have this setting enabled.
  • Our AI does best with detailed product descriptions and titles - the more information from the seller, the better our AI is at assigning the most specific category.
  • Our categories are suggestions - We recommend double-checking generated categories to ensure accuracy.

Setting up Rules

To turn on Any autonomous merchandising features for all of your partners, please reach out to Buyers can also set some rules for individual partnerships through the Partnerships tab of Convictional.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Partners tab in Convictional

Step 2 - Select a partnership for which you would like to enable merchandising settings. The settings will appear on the partnership details page.

Step 3 - Choose which settings you would like to enable & click SAVE at the top of the page to apply to all products moving forward.

Text Template Formatting

Some of our settings allow you to specifically instruct our system to use a piece of data in addition to how you want that data to be transformed. This is called templating. Our templating system allows for free form text alongside specifically constructed code that will pull from our database.

For example, if you want to modify the format your product's SEO title to display your partner's name before the product title, in the Modify product SEO title format setting you would input {{ .seller.Name }} - {{ .product.Title }} which would produce something like Gary's Gifts - Embroidered Bath Mat when this product is synced to your store.

Between each set of curly braces ({{ and }}) you will place a variable name. Here is a list of possible values:

  • .seller.Name
  • .product.Title
  • .product.Vendor
  • .product.bodyHtml

Optionally, you can preface each of these variables with a transformation helper command. If you wanted to capitalize the product title from the previous example, you would write {{ .seller.Name }} - {{ uppercase .product.Title }} which would produce Gary's Gifts - EMBROIDERED BATH MAT.

Here is a list of our transformation helpers:

  • titleize
  • uppercase
  • lowercase

Additional Merchandising Tasks

Image editing

If you are on Shopify, Convictional will automatically resize a seller's images to account for Shopify's maximum image size.

Convictional allows you to constrain image pixel width and height to downsize images without changing the image ratio.

Automated Product Updates

Convictional can allow automatic syncing of any product updates to a buyer's e-commerce platform. In the case of a seller updating any product details (tags, images, product descriptions, etc), Convictional can automatically push these updates to the buyer's platform.

If you would like a merchandising task automated that we currently do not cover, please reach out to support - we are always adding new features!

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