Inviting Team Members

This guide explains how to invite new team members from within your own company.

There are often multiple teammates that require access to a company's online ecommerce stores and connections. You can invite your teammates to create their own unique accounts that are linked to the same company as yours.

How User Invitations Work

Any user invitation that you send from your own Convictional account invites the new user to connect to the same company account that you are logged in to.

Inviting New Users

You can invite users from the Team Members tab located in the Settings as showing below:

You can invite multiple users from your same company. Repeat these steps until you have sent invitations to all of your teammates who require them. When you send an invitation, a user is created in the menu and a login link is sent to your teammate.

Account Owner and Managing Team Members

When your account is created, the email used to do so will be considered the 'Owner'. This means that user cannot be deleted, and only that user can change the 'Owner' status to another user.

To manage the account owner or remove other team members you can do so from the Team Member settings as showing below:

Managing Multiple Websites

If your company operates multiple unique websites (such as two separate USA & Canadian websites) then you may need to send invitations pertaining to each unique website.

Any invitation sent from an account connected to ABC Company (US) will invite users to connect to the US-based company account.

Any invitation sent from an account connected to ABC Company (Canada) will invite users to connect to the Canada-based company account.

Here is our guide on switching between accounts

Next Steps

Once you have invited all of your teammates to Convictional, scroll down to confirm which emails have received invitations. If you or your teammates experience any issues during sign up, contact support.

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