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Adding Seller Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Buyers are able to create and measure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their sellers (vendors). This allows buyers to enforce accountability in their individual relationships with sellers.

Seller responsibilities such as fulfilling orders and providing quality products with low return rates are core drivers of customer experience. Once an SLA is established, buyers can determine whether their expectations have been met in ensuring a great customer experience.


Service levels are established company-wide and then measured on a per-seller basis.

There are currently two variables enforceable through SLAs:

  • Ship Times
  • Return Rates

Maximum limits for each component of the SLA must be set in order to measure whether the SLA has been met by the seller.

The following steps describe how to configure your SLA within Convictional:

Step 1: Determine Your Expectations

Firstly, service level expectations must be clarified and provided to sellers who will be measured against them. It is important to establish expectations that are aligned to the industry and types of products that are offered to end customers. Each industry and product-types tend to have their own service level expectations. It is recommended to utilize the average service level expectations of your industry if no other expectations have been set.

Step 2: Head To Settings

To create your SLA, head to the Settings setion and navigate to the Service Levels tab. You will see two fields for Ship Time and Return Rate, respectively.

Step 3: Maximum Ship Time

Ship times are measured by the time between an order being received by the buyer and the seller marking the order as shipped within Convictional.

Input the maximum ship time allowed in order to create a Ship Time SLA.

Sellers integrated with select ecommerce platforms (Shopify) will have their fulfillment pass-through into Convictional automatically.

Step 4: Maximum Return Rate

Return rates are measured by dividing the number of a seller's orders returned by the number of orders fulfilled.

Input the maximum return rate allowed in order to create a Return Rate SLA.

Step 5: Saving Your SLA Settings

Once your SLA expectations have been set, click "Save" in the top-right corner in order to save your settings.

Measuring Performance

Once your SLAs have been created, each seller partnered with you will be measured against them.

You can measure the performance of each of your sellers in the Partners tab.

Next Steps

By now you will have established your seller SLAs. If you would like to enforce additional SLA criteria, please relay your feedback to your Convictional account manager and we'll work to incorporate more seller SLAs in the future.

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