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Editing Price Lists

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What are price lists and why would I need to edit them?

Price lists are required for sellers in order to establish retail and dropship prices with their retail partners. Price lists may need to be edited in order to add new relevant products or keep your prices up to date. This guide will show you the ins and outs of modifying the price lists and some features we have available to automate this process. If you need help setting up your first price list please refer to Price List Setup Guide for further information.

Manual Price List Editing

Changing individual product pricing.

If an individual product has changed in price, or you'd like to set up a custom price for an item that falls outside of the default margins you have established, you can easily do so!

  1. Navigate to your price list and find the product you'd like to change the pricing scheme on. You can use the search bar for this if you have too many products to navigate through one by one. Our search only supports searching via product title.
  2. Click anywhere on the product other than the hyperlinked SKU, here you can modify the seller retail price and the dropship price.
  3. Edit whichever value you need to change and click "Save Entry"
Pricing Definitions

We've defined terms we use in our price lists below:

Dropship Margin - The percentage or fixed amount that is taken off the Retail price to calculate the Dropship price

Seller Retail Price - The price synced from the Sellers platform. If there is no currency difference in the partnership, this will also be the Buyer Retail price.

Buyer Retail price - The Seller Retail price multiplied by the conversion factor to account for currency differences. This is the price the Buyers customer pays for a product

Conversion factor - Used to convert the Seller Retail price into the Buyer Retail price depending on the difference in the currencies being used in the partnership.

Dropship price - The amount the Seller is paid by the Buyer for fulfilling an order

Changing price list settings.

Modifying the price list settings on the right hand side of your price list will affect your price list as a whole and will apply to every product currently listed.

List Name

This is the name of your price list. This name will be visible to your retail partner so it is a good idea to include some context into the price list. A common example is something like "<Company Name> <Date>.

Buyers Assigned To This Price List

This feature is what allows you to assign a specific price list to a retailer (AKA Buyer). Having your price list assigned to a retailer is mandatory. If this is missing, your partner will not be able to sell your products on their platform. You are able to assign multiple buyers to one price list. This can be modified at any time to include as many or as few retailers as you wish. To modify, click the edit button and you will be able to select all available retailer partners.

Dropship Margin

This is the margin field, which you may already be familiar with when setting up your price list. This option establishes the difference between the retail price the end customer pays for the product and the price that your retail partner will pay for the product. When you edit this field, it will modify the dropship price of every single product listed in the price list.

Margin Example
If you have a $100 product with a 50% margin, your retail partner will pay you $50 for the product while the customer pays $100.
Apply to New Products

This feature will automatically add new products you create into the price list. We will touch more on this feature in the Automated Pricing section below.

Ignore Product Updates

This feature will ignore any pricing changes you make to a product outside of the price list. We will touch more on this feature in the Automated Pricing section below.

Your Currency and Buyer Currency

This is a static setting of your price list and shows the currency you sell in, versus the currency that the buyer sells in. This cannot be changed. If you need to change this value, you will need to create a new price list.

Conversion Factor

Since Convictional does not determine currency conversion at market rates, this setting allows you to set a custom static currency conversion rate. Modifying the conversion factor setting will change the retail price of every listed product to match the updated conversion factor.

This setting can be changed at any time, but it is wise to advise your retail partners of any changes prior to to doing so.
Retail Price Format

When setting up a margin, it may change your prices to not match the pricing scheme that you prefer for your products. For example if all your products end in $0.99, you will change this value to 99. If you prefer all your prices to be exactly on the dollar you can put in 00. Leave this field blank if you are not concerned with pricing format.

Please note that using this feature will slightly change how your margins appear to your buyers as it will round prices up or down. They may see margins that seems strange to them like 50.02%. This is expected behaviour.

Automated Price List Settings

Automated price list features are a powerful tools to eliminate the need to adjust your price list when you add new products or change your retail prices.

Apply to New Products

In the ON position

New products synced into Convictional will be added to this price list automatically. When the products are added they will automatically use the dropship margins that you established when setting up your price list. Below you can see I added a new product with a few variants and they have been priced automatically:

In the OFF position

Newly created products synced to Convictional will NOT be added to this price list for dropshipping. This indicates that any products you wish to sell will be manually added to the price list. In order to add new products you'll need to select 'Add Product' and select the new products by searching for their product title as showing below:

Ignore Product Updates

In the ON position

Updated products synced to Convictional will NOT be reflected in this price list for dropshipping. It is important to note that having this in the on position will disable automatic pricing discounts.

In the OFF position

Retail price updates synced into Convictional will be reflected in this price list automatically. The updated retail prices will reflect the dropship price discount you have established when setting up the price list. It is important to note that having this in the off position will enable automatic pricing discounts.

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