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Frequently Asked Questions

My webhook configuration is disabled. What happened?

Webhook configurations can be disabled for two reasons:

  1. Newly created configurations are disabled by default. This is to give developers a chance to check their endpoints and the webhook settings before we start dispatching requests.
  2. You endpoint failed to accept requests for longer than 3 days. If a target endpoint fails to return a HTTP 200 response for longer than our retry period we automatically disable the webhook.

My webhook configuration is enabled but also in a failed state. What does that mean?

When a webhook enters a failed state and is automatically disabled it will stay in that failed state until a request succeeds. That means that you can enable it again and it will try sending the next event that happens. However, if that next event fails again it will disable the configuration again.

It's recommended to closely monitor your webhooks if they enter a failed state and ensure that they're responding with a HTTP 2xx status code so the configuration enters a healthy state again.

What should I do if my webhook is not responding with a HTTP 200?

  1. You'll need to verify that your endpoint isn't breaking. If you're subscribed to more than one topic for a single endpoint it may help to isolate the topic that is causing issues to avoid other, unrelated topics from being rejected as well.
  2. If it isn't already, disable your webhook to prevent more requests from being sent to it unnecessarily
  3. If you've fixed the original issue and enabled your webhook again you should monitor it closely at first to make sure that the next request succeeds.

If you need additional information about why requests failed or help getting your endpoints working don't hesitate to reach out to support@convicitonal.com for assistance!

How do I delete a webhook configuration?

We do not currently allow webhook configurations to be deleted. Instead you'll have to disable the configuration which prevents our system from sending further requests to that endpoint.

How do I enable/disable a webhook?

You can enable/disable webhooks using the Webhook Configuration Settings or by making an API call to update the configuration and set active: true

What topics can I subscribe to?

You can find our currently supported list of webhook topics here.

How do I re-trigger webhook requests?

We currently do not offer the ability to manually retrigger specific requests. That being said, if you've fixed a problem with your endpoint before the retry window is closed our system will automatically re-try requests that were queued before the outage. You can also manually perform the action that resulted in the request. For example, if you created a webhook for the product.selected topic you can trigger a request by simply selecting a product after enabling your webhook again.

Will old requests be retried if a webhook is automatically disabled?

If your webhook was disabled because it failed to return a successful response during the retry window all past queued requests for it will be cancelled and will not be retried even after the webhook configuration is enabled again.

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