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Packing Slips - Buyers

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You can now ask sellers to include branded packing slips with your orders. This guide covers how to upload your logo for branding and how to get started.

To setup packing slips, login to your Convictional account, and navigate to Settings using the side-bar on the left.

Click the Company Profile tab and scroll down to the Company Logo section. Click the Update Logo button to select an image (JPG, JPEG, and PNG images are supported).

After selecting an image, you should see a preview of your logo appear to the right.

Next, you will want to fill in the Company Marketing Name in your settings. This name will appear on the packing slip.

Make sure to save the changes by clicking the Save button at the top.

Note: The ideal dimensions for the uploaded logo are 300(width) x 120(height). If you need to re-size your logo in order to fit the dimensions, one useful tool is

Creating Packing Slips

If you want to generate packing slips, navigate to Orders using the side-bar to the left.

Select the order for which you want to generate a packing slip.

There are two options:

  • Generate a packing slip for an entire order
  • Generate a packing slip for a specific fulfillment

To generate a packing slip for the entire order, click Generate Packing Slip, located at the top-right

A generated packing slip will look as follows:

Sample packing slip

Generating Packing Slips in Bulk

Packing slips can also be generated/downloaded in bulk. Click the checkbox in the top-left to select all visible packing slips. Then click "Generate Packing Slip" in order to download them.

Notifying Sellers

Links to download packing slips are automatically sent to sellers via order notes. Further details on how that works available here.

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Packing Slips - Sellers