How to Change Your Commerce Type

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When you first create an account with Convictional, you select your company's commerce type to be either a Buyer or a Seller. However, your decision about this may change during the onboarding process. This guide explains how you can switch your commerce type from Buyer to Seller, or vice versa.

Steps to Change your Commerce Type

1. Click on the Settings button

The settings button can be found at the bottom left of your screen, and it looks like the screenshot below:

This will open up the settings modal which allows you to specify your account preferences.

2. Click on Company Profile

Now that the settings modal is open, click on the Company Profile option. Reference the screenshot below:

This will open up the Company Profile section, which lets you update various information on your account.

3. Click on the input box containing your current commerce type

If you are able to change your commerce type, you'll be presented with a dropdown that lets you select your new choice. As an example, this is how the input will display if you have a Buyer account set up:

This input allows you to update your commerce type. Once you select your new commerce type, click on the Save button at the bottom of the modal. Your account will be instantly updated! Congratulations! We're excited to have you on Convictional.

It's important to note that sometimes, you will be unable to change your commerce type unless you take certain action. Read the following section for some more details about those situations.

Why Can't I Change My Commerce Type?

There are certain cases where you will be unable to change your commerce type. For example, Seller accounts who have uploaded products will not be able to change their commerce type until they remove their products.

Here is what the Seller will see when they go to update their commerce type:

Notice that the input box containing Seller is greyed out, indicating that the update action is currently disabled.

However, if you look directly above the input, you'll notice a tip containing information on what needs to be done to re-enable the input. In this case, the Seller will be able to update their commerce type once they remove all of their uploaded products. If you have a different scenario than this, please reference the tip to learn more about what needs to done to re-enable the input.

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