Fixing an Order Sync Timeout Error

Fixing an Order Sync Timeout Error

A timeout error occurs when Convictional posts an order to your platform but doesn't get a reply back. This could happen because your platform received the order but took too long during processing to reply back in time. It could also mean that your platform never received the order at all. It's important to determine which scenario happened before trying to sync the order again. Otherwise you could end up with a duplicate order in your platform.

How do I fix the error?

Step 1: Log in to your platform

You'll need to log in to the platform where Convictional is syncing your orders. Often that is an ecommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or similar.

Step 2: Locate the order

Now that you're logged in to your order platform, look to see if there is an order matching the Convictional order that triggered the timeout error. It's recommended to compare multiple features such as timestamp, customer name, and order items to make sure the orders are a match for each other.

Step 3: If you found the matching order...

Great! The order was posted to your platform properly. However, our system isn't aware of the matching order so we won't be able to keep the two orders in sync with each other. We call this a broken order sync.

You have two options for fixing a broken order sync:

1. Recommended. You can delete the copy of the order in your e-commerce platform (not Convictional) and then resync the order from Convictional again. This will fix the broken order sync by creating a fresh copy with no timeout error. To do this follow Step 4 below. If you have already started to do work on the order (or have integrations that have synced the order to another system) you may not want to use this option.

2. You can email our support team to have us fix the broken order sync without deleting the order in your platform. You will need to email (or reply back to the timeout alert email) with the following message:

Hi, I was alerted to an order sync timeout error. The order did sync to my platform successfully and I need help to fix the syncing between the two orders. The order URL in Convictional is: (fill this in). The order URL in my platform is: (fill this in). (Optionally include more information for a faster resolution time such as: a screenshot of the order in your platform).

Our support team will use this information to link the two matching orders together which will fix the broken order sync.

Step 4: If you didn't find the matching order...

This is okay. It means that the order never made it into your platform. All you need to do now is go back to the Convictional order page and click the Retry button in the top-right corner to attempt creating the order again. Clicking Retry will add the order to a processing queue, so check back in the next 30 minutes to see if the sync was successful this time. If there is another error, you will also receive another alert about it.

Important: Only click Retry if there is no matching order in your platform. Otherwise your platform will receive duplicate orders for the same customer and you may end up shipping both orders by mistake.

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