Downloading EDI Files

This guide will walkthrough downloading EDI files which relate to orders. Start by navigating to the desired order through the orders page.

On every the order page, you can find an "EDI Records" section. It's located just below the billing section.

As you can see in this section, we have all files that were associated with the purchase order. In the first column, you will see the interchange control number. In the second column, you will see the status. For outbound documents, it can be "Sent", "Accepted" or "Rejected". For inbound documents, it's "Processed" or "Error".

On the right side, you have three buttons. The first is the ability to download the file. Every file we receive, we immediately backup for retry, auditing and general good practices. The second button is the retry button. If a file fails for any reason, you may want to retry it. Ex. Updating the write permissions on an SFTP server so the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) can be written to it. The last button is an information button. It will open up further details about the inbound file.

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