Managing Multiple Accounts

Since our login process is password-less, we make it easy for users to switch between and create accounts, using the same email that they are currently logged in as. This document guides you through how to manage those features.

Switching Between Accounts

Any Convictional user can now link their email to multiple Buyer and Seller accounts. Link your email by having adding it to the Team Members section of the desired account.

Previously, someone with multiple accounts would have had to use a unique email for each account -- something like Now, your single email can be linked to multiple accounts and you can switch to any connected account via the app.

User Account Tied To A Single Company

Any user account tied to a single company will not see the dropdown option display in the app. The app will show your company name, URL, and whether the company is a Buyer or Seller. Example:

User Account Tied To Multiple Companies

Any user account tied to multiple companies will see a dropdown option display in the app. The app will show your active company -- the one that you are currently logged into.

Creating Multiple Accounts:

If you would like to create multiple accounts using the same email you will do so from the same dropdown menu showing above. While you are logged in to Convictional click on your company name in the top right to access the 'Add New Account' option.

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