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Integrating your CRM

Convictional offers a light version of integration with your CRM system so that you can stay on top of communications with your trading partners.

We do this by providing a way to pass your CRM provided BCC email address (which blind copies your CRM on all communications) to our system.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Stay current on communications between Convictional and your trading partners (vendors or customers)
  • Easy to implement and change in the event you change CRM systems
  • Outsource routine notifications for order and product sync issues to Convictional

1. Get your BCC email address

Where you can find it depends on the CRM you are using. Here are links for some popular CRM systems that our customers tend to use. It will work with any CRM that supports BCCing:

2. Copy the email into our settings

Here is the appropriate place in your Company Settings to paste the email from your CRM system:

Once you have pasted the email, save your settings so that the change is reflected company wide.

That's it. Moving forward, we will BCC you on all relevant communications with your partners.

Note: Relevant Communication - When we say relevant, we mean communication that concerns both you and your trading partner. Some communication we send out is private in nature or only offers relevance to one side of the transaction. We will omit BCCing your email in those cases. Some examples of relevant communications include: partner invite emails, onboarding notification emails, notifications about issues connecting to their systems, order notifications for orders from you. We will continue to add support over time.

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