How to Resolve "Your SFTP user requires read permission on your SFTP server"

If you are seeing this error, it means the SFTP user you have setup to access your SFTP server does not have read or list permissions.

Our system requires read permission on the "Outbound Directory". This information can be found under Settings in the Integrations tab.

When initially setting up the credentials we confirm we had the appropriate access. This error is a result of a permission change on the SFTP user. You will either need to re-enable read and list access for the SFTP user or change the outbound directory.

There are many different SFTP servers, so these steps may vary. The general steps are to open up the list of users.

Select "Edit" for the user you have provision for Convictional. If you don't know which user, the username can be found under Settings in the Integrations tab. Once found and you are able to edit it, you should confirm the user has list, read, and write permissions. Depending on the "Archive" method you have selected, the user will also need either move or delete permissions.

If this doesn't work, it's worth confirming you are not limiting the permissions at the folder structure. It's common to only allow read, list, delete on the outbound directory (Where Convictional downloads files) and only allow write to the inbound directory (Where Convictional upload directory).

If you continue to see the error, feel free to contact support.

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