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Updating Shipping Information

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What are fulfillments?

The term fulfillment refers to the process of receiving, packaging, and shipping orders for goods. Convictional integrates with your ecommerce platform to pass order information back and forth between trading partners.

Convictional pays attention to the following fulfillment information:

  • Specific order items and their quantities for each individual fulfillment
  • Carrier details
  • Tracking number
  • A URL customers can click to view the tracking information 

How do fulfillments work in Convictional?

Before anything else happens, an order has to be posted. 

  • If you are using a supported platform, order information is synced automatically. 
  • If you’re not using a supported platform, Convictional will send an email with a link to the order. 

When you (or the seller) fulfill the order, you should upload correct fulfillment information to the platform.

  • Fulfillments must be inputted by sellers, either directly in the app or in their ecommerce platform. Buyers can view the order page in the Convictional app, but they will not see a Create Fulfillment button.

Convictional checks for fulfillment updates on unshipped orders every 15 minutes. If it finds that the seller has added a new fulfillment to the order, Convictional pulls that information in and attaches it to our own stored copy of the order. Then, Convictional pushes that fulfillment information out to the buyer platform and attaches it to their version of the order as well.

Convictional automatically checks whether the fulfillment satisfies all of the order items and quantities on the order. 

  • If it does, Convictional sets the status of the order to “Shipped” in our system. This means that Convictional will no longer check for fulfillment information from the seller. 
  • If it does not, Convictional does not change the status of the order. Convictional will only update the status of the order to “Shipped” once the entire order has been fulfilled.

Once the order status changes to “Shipped”, Convictional will stop checking for status updates. If the seller updates an existing fulfillment (ie. to change a tracking number), Convictional will not notice this change. There is no way to manually sync this information.


Special Cases
  • Sellers NOT using Shopify and BigCommerce must manually input fulfillment information directly in Convictional. This is done on the page at the order link, using the Create Fulfillment button. This lets them put in the same information as above (list of order items, tracking number, etc). The seller can add multiple fulfillments, and once the line items on the order are satisfied, the order status is automatically set to Shipped, just as in the other cases. Once a fulfillment has been created this way, it cannot be edited or deleted.
    • Convictional will automatically sync fulfillment information for Shopify and BigCommerce. Users on Shopify and BigCommerce will not see a Create Fulfillment button in Convictional.
  • Convictional supports multiple tracking numbers, but they must be input before an order is marked “Shipped.” Once an order is marked “Shipped,” Convictional will stop checking for updates.
  • You cannot pass dummy tracking numbers through, as there is no way to go back and change them once the order is marked “Shipped.”
  • Sellers that use WooCommerce should also input fulfillments directly in the Convictional app, in the same way as sellers that don’t have a platform. 

If you need to update a fulfillment after it has been marked “Shipped” you must contact There is no manual way to update fulfillment information at this time.

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