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Connecting through SFTP

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If you are not using a platform which directly integrates with Convictional, data can still be shared through our SFTP server. This enables users to share data with Convictional by securely transferring files to us using an SFTP client. Once a file is transferred we will automatically process and load the data into our platform.

We are actively building out our SFTP capabilities. If you have any questions or feature requests, please reach out to us at

Connecting via SFTP

Provided below is the information needed to establish a SFTP connection:

File Formats

We currently support processing CSV files.

CSV Mappings

When importing data through CSV we need to build an understanding of how your information can be represented in our system. Below we have provided information for importing supported resources with CSV.


We have a product template posted here which you can use to specify mappings between your CSV headers and ours. You can also upload a sample to our server and we will work with you to create the appropriate mappings.

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