Connecting Shopify

Connect Shopify to share products, inventory and fulfillments with your buyers and receive orders automatically within Shopify.

Jeremy Tupper
Updated 2 months ago by Jeremy Tupper

Connecting a Custom Shopify App

Connecting Shopify to Convictional Using Custom Credentials. This guide walks through how to connect Convictional with Shopify. Feel free to follow along with this Loom recording as well! Loom: Conne…

Keith Weaver
Updated 4 months ago by Keith Weaver

Updating Shopify Store URL

This guide demonstrates how to update your Shopify store URL. Note: You will not be able to update your store URL if you are already connected to Shopify, or if you have existing products, partner pr…

Wendi Zhao
Updated 5 months ago by Wendi Zhao