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Adding Partners

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This guide covers how to accept invitations to trade with new partners as well as how to create your own partners. A partner is any other business that you trade with using Convictional.

Before partners can start selling your products, they need information about your catalogue. You already set up your Products and attached Prices to your catalogue. Now it's time to share this information with a partner.

If you have not yet selected your Products or created a price list in Prices, please do so before completing the following steps.

If You Were Invited By A Partner

Navigate to your Partners page

The partner who invited you will be listed as one of your preset partners. Click on their entry.

You will see a screen that looks like the image below. Click into the price list box and choose the price list you created for this specific partner.

Click save in the top right corner. You'll then see a "Successfully updated." message.

You will now have assigned your price list to this partner. Your products will be visible for them to select and list in their ecommerce store.

If You Want To Create A New Partner

Tip: In order to create a new partner, you will have to create a price list for them before sending an invitation to connect. The Price List guide is here.

Navigate to your Partners page.

Click Create in the top right corner:

Input the email of the person you are sending the invitation to and then select the price list that applies to this partner.

 Then click invite. Your partner will get a notification that you've invited them to trade.

Next Steps

If the buyer is already using Convictional, they'll then be connected with you.

If the buyer is not already using Convictional, they'll need to signup for an account by following the signup link that is automatically included in your invitation email.

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