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Convictional allows you to enable your vendors using our integrations. That means your vendors can receive the items they are responsible for fulfilling, and fulfill them, either from within the commerce platform they use on a daily basis or within Convictional itself. Understanding the status of an order is a key role when managing a vendor enabled (drop ship) business.


Confirmed status can mean different things, depending on whether your vendor is doing fulfillment through an integration or directly. It either means they have been notified by email of the order in Convictional (if they are doing manual / direct fulfillment) or that the order has successfully been posted to their commerce platform. Either way, the order is where it should be, finalized and they have been notified.


This one is straight forward: have all the line items been fulfilled? If not, this will be set to no. This is the only status item that vendors sometimes have to flip themselves, if they do direct fulfillment. 

This status flag answers the question: has this order been paid for in full? If it is set to true, it generally means that the vendor successfully billed for the order using one of our three approaches to billing


This status flag means that the fulfillment confirmation information has been shared with the consumer on your side, or that you have been notified of the final status of the order. At this point, the order is considered archived, and with the exceptions of returns or other issues requires no further work.


This flag indicates whether the order was returned. It's set automatically if you issue a refund for the order through Convictional, or can be set manually by you or your vendor in the event of an inventory return.

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