Useful partners

A collection of partners we know to be useful to ecommerce companies buying and selling goods through Convictional.


Convictional partners with companies that could be useful to our customers. This could include providers that compliment our own capabilities and make it easier for our customers to succeed with their wholesale (selling) or vendor enablement (purchasing) programs. Some vendors offer our customers discounts or incentives to participate, others we simply believe to be worth the time to consider carefully.


Brex provides select ecommerce companies with a 60 day, interest free float on purchases. If you run a multi-vendor drop ship marketplace as a publisher or ecommerce company, this can be an extremely beneficial way to get a few months ahead on your cashflow. If you want to explore it, sign up here.


Shopify tends to be the most reliable of the platforms that we integrate with. Convictional is a bridge, we don't provide core system of record functionality for managing things like products or orders. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for your customers or suppliers to trade with you, get integrated and forget about CSVs and manual back and forth. Shopify is an excellent platform for B2C sales. More here.


Seamless provides B2B contact data using AI. It can be helpful if you are researching contact information for potential trading partners. More here