​Selecting Products

Covers how to select products, sync them to your platform and delist them if you no longer want to carry them.

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Autonomous Merchandising

Automate Merchandising Tasks. Buyers can set rules in their partnership settings that will apply merchandising jobs to products before they are synced to the buyer's store. Currently Convictional all…

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Buyer Product Validation Guide

What Is Buyer Product Validation? Buyer Product Validation is a Buyer feature that involves creating rulesets that validate whether a Seller's product data is complete enough for a Buyer to list thei…


Exclusive Collaborations - Syncing Unpublished Products

Sellers using an ecommerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce can now sync "unpublished" products into Convictional. Here's a walkthrough on how to do this in Shopify:. This allow…


How Inventory Sync Works

This article covers the basics and details relating to inventory sync for sellers and buyers.

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How to Solve Shopify "Item Not Recognized" Error

As a Shopify Buyer (e.g. a retailer or marketplace) using Convictional to connect with your vendors, you may occasionally receive one of these notifications: A critical Trade Ops Issue has occurred w…


Marking Products as Active or Inactive

Marking your products as active allows you to sync your products with your buyers and list on their stores.

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