​How to Set Up Pricing

Overview of two options for setting up price lists.

Roger Kirkness
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Create a Price List For a Smaller Catalog

Create a Price List For a Smaller Catalog. By default, when a seller connects Convictional to their ecommerce platform we upload all products that are visible on their storefront to our platform. Whi…

Tyler Ellis
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Editing Price Lists

What are price lists and why would I need to edit them? Price lists are required for sellers in order to establish retail and dropship prices with their retail partners. Price lists may need to be ed…

Jared Smith
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Price List FAQs

Question 1: I created a price list already, why can't my buyer select my products?. Something we see quite often is that people have gone through the process of creating their price list, but they fo…


Promotional Price Lists and Discounts

Offering discounts. During holiday seasons both vendors and retailers will be offering product discounts to their customers in a variety of different ways. When it comes to managing promotions it's i…

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