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Signing Up As A Seller

Welcome to Convictional, we are excited to have you!

If you are a current user looking to login to your account, see our Sign-In Guide.

Signing up is easy, just follow these steps:

Step One: Begin Signing Up

First, if your partner has sent you an invitation to join Convictional you can use the link in that email to get started:

If you haven't been sent an invitation, head to the Convictional Sign Up page and enter your email. Click Create Account.

Step Two: Accept Your Email Invite

You will receive an email with a link to access your new Convictional account. Click that link to come back to Convictional and complete setting up your account.

sign in email sent from convictional

Note: We use Passwordless Authentication to ensure your account remains secure.

Step Three: Creating Your Company

You will be re-directed back to Convictional. Here, you can select 'Seller' as your commerce type and create your account by entering in your company name and website:

getting started company creation for

Step Four: Getting Started

You will now see a list of steps to take to complete your signup. Below is an example list for a Shopify-based company:

getting started page for a shopify-based seller

getting started page (invite partner and invite team)
This checklist will appear differently based on your platform or if you were invited by a trading partner.

As you begin to complete tasks, your progress will be marked within your checklist with green "Connected" items. Incomplete required actions will be marked in red.

onboarding checklist in progress

Some steps are not required and can be skipped. If you have difficulty completing any step, please contact Convictional Support.

Step Five: Completion

Completing all required actions means that your account has been created successfully. You are now ready to begin trading with your partners.

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Signing Up As A Buyer

Single Sign-On (SSO)