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Selecting Products

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Selecting products means the same as it does when you are merchandising as a retailer: you want to carry them in your shop. In this case, it means your online shop. We make the process of syncing them into your platform easy, it happens automatically when you make a selection. 

It only takes a few minutes from product selection to going live with new products

1. Searching for products

To see which products are available for selection, go to your products and click the one you want to select and sync to your platform:



2. Selecting a product

To select a product, click the blue 'Select' button in the top right hand corner:

Once the product has been synced, we will confirm success on the same button:

Heads up: sellers need to setup pricing before you can select a product

If you refresh the page, you'll notice that the product has a checkmark next to the title. That means the product has successfully synced through into your platform:

Congratulations, you just selected a product and synced it into your platform.


3. Delisting a product

Remember to leave the product in your platform for the sake of reporting in the future. You don't have to use Convictional to delist your products, if you just want to unpublish them in a particular platform, you can do that the way you would for any other product.

If you no longer want the product to show up to your customers or sync into your platform, you can manually delist it. To delist it, head back to the individual product page. In the top right, you'll notice where the 'Select' button used to be, there's a new 'Delist' button:

To delist the product, click on the delist button. When the product is successfully delisted (we leave a record in your platform, but unpublish it from all your sales channels), we will confirm:

Automated Delisting

If one of your sellers discontinues or delists a product on their end, Convictional will delist the product on your side as well. Sometimes people "zero" a product, meaning they remove all available inventory and set the inventory quantity to zero. In this event, we will sync the zero values through to you and that product will (in most cases) be hidden by default.

If you want to keep on top of which products have been automatically delisted, the best way to do that is to setup a view inside your system for product information. As an example, in Shopify, you can setup a view that shows all products tagged with the tag "delisted" to see them. By using the unpublished date as the way to sort the list, you can see everything recently delisted.

Automated Relisting

If one of your sellers relists a product (brings new stock in for an old delisted SKU), Convictional will automatically relist the product on your side as well. This includes publishing it as visible, in the event that the product was still published when delisted. To view products that have been relisted, setup a view in your product system (ie. Shopify) that looks for the "relisted" tag.

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