Building API Integrations

This guide covers how we recommend building integrations to our network, and where to find API information.

Jeremy Tupper
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Getting Started with Webhooks

Webhooks at Convictional. The addition of webhooks were one of the most requested features by developers during 2021. It's been a ongoing effort to introduce the processes and technologies required t…

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Getting Started with the Buyer API

Prerequisites. In order to interact with the Convictional API, you need to have an API Key. This means you must first create an account via the signup page in our app. Once you have an account you ca…

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How to Create an Order for the Buyer API

In this post, we will walk you through creating an order through the Buyer Orders API. You can find the latest here for our developer API docs. You'll need to have the following information to be abl…

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Webhook FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions. Getting Started with Webhooks. Developer Documentation. My webhook configuration is disabled. What happened? Webhook configurations can be disabled for two reasons: Newly…

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