Adding Barcode Values in WooCommerce

Adding Barcode Values in WooCommerce. Certain Buyers require UPC codes to be assigned to products in order to merchandise them. The WooCommerce API does not support directly adding UPC values to prod…


Connecting WooCommerce

Connect WooCommerce to automatically share products, inventory and fulfillments while receiving orders in your shop.

Mitch Corish
Updated by Mitch Corish

How can I confirm that Convictional can pull my Products from my WooCommerce Store?

It's a great question and how we do this is no secret. We are pulling products from the WooCommerce API. You can find the documentation for V2 here. If your store isn't setup correctly, we cannot syn…


Updating your WooCommerce URL

Updating your WooCommerce URL. You can only change your WooCommerce URL if you have no products and are non-transactional. If you are beyond that point you must contact support at support@convictiona…