Retailer Compliance Guides

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Use Convictional's AI tools to dynamically search retailer's compliance guidelines, create tasklists to ensure compliance, and understand updated rules.

Select a Guide

Choose which retailer guide you would like to dynamically search. (If a retailer you would like to see is not available, please email

You can further refine search results by adding filters for product category, lifecycle stage of the order, or role.

Requirements and Tasklists

Once the checklist has been generated, all requirements will be added appear along with the associated chargeback that would be incurred if the requirement was not met.

These requirements can be added to a tasklist that can be shared in order to ensure compliance with retailer guidelines.

The retailer's guides can be Q&A'd through our AI-powered dynamic search. Rather than sifting through pages of the document, use Convictional's Q&A to find answers quickly and accurately.

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