Chargeback Management

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Upload and manage your chargebacks within Convictional. Gain valuable insights into frequency, amount, and common reasons. Manage the gathering of evidence to successfully dispute chargebacks and recover lost funds. All in a single, easy to use interface. Supported by our AI enabled suite of tools, the management and disputing of chargebacks is simple.

Add New Chargeback

There are three easy ways to add new chargebacks to Convictional.

Forward Remittance Email

Forward any remittance or chargeback emails from your retailer, and Convictional will find the chargebacks and create individual chargebacks. These can be EDI 820 remittance emails, or any other format.

Upload File

Upload a CSV, XLSX, or PDF file of outstanding chargebacks. Convictional will ingest the chargeback data and create individualized chargebacks from your file.

Manually Create

Chargebacks can be created by manually inputting chargeback data directly into Convictional

Gather Evidence

In order to successfully dispute a chargeback, evidence is often needed for the retailer. Upload any evidence files, emails, images, etc directly to each chargeback to streamline evidence gathering across internal teams.

Evidence can also be uploaded without logging into Convictional. Simply copy the email address on the chargeback, and have any team member forward evidence to that email address and Convictional's AI tools will attach it to the chargeback.

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