This article covers the right approach to getting support.

We take the responsibility of helping you grow faster through B2B seriously. There will come a time when Convictional won’t do what you expect. The more information you can provide about what you expected it to do and what it did instead, the better, because we can solve it faster.

Reporting Bugs

To report an unexpected behavior or bug, please consider the following before contacting us:

  • Please email You may have a point of contact within Convictional, but what you may not know is that actually goes to the whole team. This means that whoever is available will start to diagnose the problem.

  • If you are emailing from an email that doesn’t have an account with us, please share your URL. Depending on the situation we may verify with the account owner that you have permissions.

  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. We test against other browsers, but we have found that the most consistent behavior occurs in Chrome.

  • We need to know what OS and browser you are using in order to resolve interface issues.

  • We need to understand what your goal was. Some things are pretty obvious (you wanted the file to upload and it didn’t seem to) and others are less so.

  • We will give you a timeline once we understand what you’re looking for. It may take an email or two of back and forth but we will develop an understanding and then point to a resolution.

Bad Example

This is what doing it wrong looks like from our perspective, since it’s very hard to help this customer:

Hi Convictional,

Products isn’t working! When do you think it will be working??? My boss asked me to email you about it.



Unfortunately it’s very hard to help this customer. We don’t know who they are, or what the problem is. So it’s hard to provide a timeline to resolve the issue they are having.

Good Example

This is a good example of giving us everything we need so that we can help this customer rapidly:

Hi Convictional,

It’s Roger at Customer ABC. I noticed that when I try to save my products, the image position isn’t getting updated. I tried it using Chrome on my Macbook. I’d like for the image position to be saved when I change it using drag and drop. Can you let me know when this is resolved?



From this we have what we need to get back to the customer with a timeline or an immediate fix. The key is knowing who is contacting us, what they expect, what they are hoping for instead, and details about what device they are using so that we can test against a similar environment.