Fixing an Order Sync Timeout Error

Fixing an Order Sync Timeout Error. A timeout error occurs when Convictional posts an order to your platform but doesn't get a reply back. This could happen because your platform received the order b…

Jake Strang
Updated 9 months ago by Jake Strang

How to Solve Shopify "Item Not Recognized" Error

As a Shopify Buyer (e.g. a retailer or marketplace) using Convictional to connect with your vendors, you may occasionally receive one of these notifications: A critical Trade Ops Issue has occurred w…

Jake Strang
Updated 2 months ago by Jake Strang

Price List FAQs

Question 1: I created a price list already, why can't my buyer select my products?. Something we see quite often is that people have gone through the process of creating their price list, but they fo…

Nicholas Chan
Updated 4 months ago by Nicholas Chan

Successful Support Interactions

Getting the most out of your support interactions.

Catherine Roy
Updated 2 years ago by Catherine Roy