Terms of Service

This article covers our terms of use and service.

Convictional, Inc. and our subsidiaries are providers of software products and services. The platform is limited by the functionality available as described on our marketing website, API and support documentation. By using our products and services, you agreed to be bound by these terms of use. This document also includes our policy around privacy and third-party access. 
Updated: 2019-11-17


We provide email support to all members of the Convictional network. We respond in priority order as necessary in order to facilitate use and success with our product. We cannot guarantee success on our platform, but we will work strategically with customers to try and enable it. Enterprise customers will receive a rate card early in our relationship that will dictate the terms that apply to your relationship in particular. Every customer will be provided with transparency pricing ahead of engaging with Convictional. Service is provided on an as is basis.


If you violate our terms of service (by not paying or doing something abusive like sending spam emails) we reserve the right to cut off access to your account. We will not delete your data except in extreme cases where that would be necessary to protect other customers. We will notify you that we are removing access to your account and provide you with a path to offboard your use.


We collect the least amount of information we can about your use of our products and services, in order to make them better. We do not include any third-party scripts in our page for the purpose of tracking. We include a single third-party script in the app, which is used to security transmit your payment information directly from your device to a secure third-party services we use for billing. We do not sell or share your data or metadata with anyone, commercially or in kind, without your explicit written consent. Our staff are trained to handle your private data with care and not to disclose tha nature of your relationship with us to others under any circumstances. Your use of the products and services are otherwise entirely private.


Unless we have your express, written permission, we will not divulge any aspect of our relationship together with third-parties. This means that strictly speaking no one outside Convictional will know that you partner with us. We may ask you, from time to time, to include information about our relationship in case studies, and will only do so with your approval.

Legal Jurisdiction

The interpretation of this agreement is governed by the State of Delaware, where Convictional, Inc. is incorporated. We would as much as possible like to avoid getting the legal system involved: if you have a concern about a commitment we make or an expectation we set, please escalate it to us before pursuing legal avenues. We commit to doing the same, treating you fairly and only resorting to legal approaches when absolutely necessary to protect our business.

Nature of Use

We do not place any limits on the nature of the products that can be sold through our service. If something is illegal where our servers are (USA), we would notify you to take it down on a specific timeline and delete it if we do not hear back. Otherwise we are open to any form of product you may want to sell and will not surprise you by deactivating your account.


If something happens to our infrastructure and that results in our services becoming unavailable, we will work to resolve the issue. We do not warrant a certain amount or period for up-time or functionality, but we do work hard to keep any and all commitments made during sales conversations, in our marketing materials and during support interactions. 

Intellectual Property

We own any and all intellectual property that involves code we write for you, unless otherwise noted. You do not own our code, you simply access our service in order to conduct your business. Likewise, you own your data (products, customers and order information). 

Contact Information

Our legal address is 3500 South Dupon Highway, Dover DE, 19901, USA. Our legal business name is Convictional, Inc. Please email support@convictional.com if you have any questions.