Supported Platforms

This article discusses which platforms and integrations we currently support, and near term plans to add support.

Convictional maintains integrations with various other online services to make it easier for our customers to do business through our platform.We will continue to maintain these integrations as time goes on, as well as adding new ones when it’s clear there is customer value in doing so.


We support the following ecommerce platforms for sellers:

  • Shopify (Orders, Products)

  • BigCommerce (Orders, Products)

  • WooCommerce (Orders, Products)


We support the following payment gateways for sellers:

  • Stripe (Charges, Payouts, Returns)

  • Resolve (Charges, Invoices, Returns)


We support the following payment methods for buyers:

  • Credit Card (Anywhere)
  • Bank account (US only)


We support the following ecommerce platforms for buyers:

  • Shopify (Orders, Products)

  • Custom via API (Orders, Products)


We allow our customers to use the service in other ways, including:

  • CSV uploads and downloads (Orders, Partners, Products, Pricing)

  • Manual entry (Orders, Products, Inventory, Fulfillments, Pricing)

  • API Integration (Orders, Products, Partners, Inventory, Fulfillments, Pricing)


We are aware of various other services that we could integrate with, but have no current plans. If you are using a service that we don’t currently support, please let our support team know.