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Seller Quickstart Guide

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Welcome to Convictional's Seller Network. You're joining hundreds of other brands in a network connecting you to retailers and marketplaces.


Convictional’s Seller Network is a collection of e-commerce brands that connect with one another through Convictional. As a Seller in this network, you might have experience selling your products through B2B channels both online and offline. You may have even tried to automate aspects of that relationship to reduce overhead as you grow.

Convictional’s Seller Network automates trade relationships, making it easier to scale your business. These are some advantages you can look forward to:

  • Get paid when you ship. Most of our partners payout vendors within 24 hours of shipment. We make getting paid out as simple as installing an app, and we automate billing so you don’t have to worry about following up on invoices or thinking about terms.
  • Integrate in 10 minutes. Part of onboarding a new channel partner involves establishing a way to share product information and receive new orders when they happen. We connect to your existing ecommerce platform as an app, to automate orders and products without having to send CSVs and PDFs back and forth. No more manual work.
  • Automate inventory updates. Few things are more frustrating than not being able to control overselling by a channel partner. We will push inventory updates to your partner once an hour, directly from the source, so that you don’t risk overselling your products.
  • Easy sales reporting. Instead of having to deal with yet-another-portal when it comes to your new channel partner, we will pass the order back to your platform with a unique contact email. That means you can keep doing reporting where you do it today, with no implementation and no need to learn a whole new set of product IDs and systems.

As a Seller, setup involves assigning prices to your products once and installing a couple of apps (for orders, products, and billing). Once that is done, you never have to login again unless you want to expand your product mix. Everything happens automatically on a regular basis, and you can receive support when you need it. The best part is that many of our partners cover your costs, so everything we just talked about is free to you. Together, we hope to make your new channel experience as excellent and unique as your brand, and the value that it offers to your new channel partner’s audience.

To begin onboarding to Convictional’s Seller Network, you’ll need to fill out our Seller Preboarding Form. The information collected in this form helps us define your onboarding needs and identify how we can best support you. The survey should take 10-15 minutes and goes directly to someone on our Seller Enablement Team who will activate one of two onboarding journeys.

  1. Customer-Supported Onboarding. This is the default. After we receive your pre boarding survey, you'll receive an email that includes a typical onboarding workflow with extensive support documentation. You and your customer will work together to get you signed up and integrated. Someone in your customer’s team has extensive knowledge of Convictional's product and are a great resource. If you get stuck, your customer trading partner will connect with their Success Manager at Convictional who will help get you back on track.
  2. Success-Supported Onboarding. Technically complex integrations sometimes require a customized onboarding experience. After we receive your pre boarding survey, a solutions engineer will reach out to you and your customer to co-design and facilitate your onboarding experience.


After you’ve filled out your Seller Preboarding Form and you’re waiting for us to get back to you, there are some housekeeping items you can work on to make onboarding to Convictional’s Seller Network as seamless as possible:

  • Go through your various sales channels, databases, spreadsheets - whatever you use to manage your inventory and order details - and make sure everything is up to date in each system.
  • Double-check that you have all necessary agreements and forms completed with your Customer.
  • Review the list of products you’ll be releasing to your Customer Trading Partner through Convictional’s Seller Network.
  • Check out the Seller’s page in our knowledge base for an overview of what’s to come, especially the 4Ps of Seller Onboarding.


We’re excited you’re joining Convictional’s Seller Network. 

Let’s build the future of B2B trade together.

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