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The 4Ps of Seller Onboarding

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Platform. Products. Pricing. Partners.

Sellers in Convictional's Seller Network need to complete four major steps before they start trading on the platform. These steps are described as the "4P's" of onboarding.

Completing each of these four steps will ensure your products and pricing are configured as you need them, and that this information syncs over to your first trading partner.

These steps must be done in order. 


Before you can do anything else, you need to add your shop's URL. Sellers are asked for their platform when they create an account. To actually sync the platform you first selected, head to the Settings tab.

You can find the guide for adding your specific platform on the Integrations page.


Product sync is conditional on setting up your platform. Sellers using modern ecommerce platforms will see their products automatically sync over to the Products tab. Sellers connecting via SFTP or API will also see their products once the correct connection is enabled.


Next, you will need to upload a price list for your catalogue. You can find the guide for creating price lists here.


Now you're ready to get set up with a partner and start trading! See our Partner guide here.

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