​Adding Partners

This article covers how to share your price list with a partner.

Jessica Powell
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​How to Set Up Pricing

Overview of two options for setting up price lists.

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​Seller Quickstart Guide

Welcome to Convictional's Seller Network. You're joining hundreds of other brands in a network connecting you to retailers and marketplaces.

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Connecting Your Platform

Connect your ecommerce platform or other connection method in order to share products, inventory, and fulfillments while receiving orders.

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Fixing SKUs in Scientific Notation

This guide helps resolve SKUs being converted to scientific notation. This issue arises when Importing Products. Convictional uses CSV templates to Import Products and Create Price Lists. Both files…

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Marking Products Active

Marking your products as active allows you to sync your products with your buyers and list on their stores.

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The 4Ps of Seller Onboarding

Platform. Products. Pricing. Partners.

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