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Inviting Customers

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Before you can start trading with your customers via Convictional, you will need to invite them to create a Convictional account.

Step One: Invite A New Partner

To create a new partner to trade with you, head to the Partners tab and click "invite":

Step Two: Partner Setup

A new screen will pop over, giving you the ability to invite a partner via email and assign them a price list.

Note: You must have already created the price list you are going to assign. If you have not, go to the Prices tab to create the new price list.


Next Steps

Creating a partner is the first step in trading with your customer. Your partner will receive an email invite, providing them with a way to join the Convictional network and start trading with you.

If they are already in the Convictional network, they will see you added within their Partners tab.

If they are not already in the Convictional network, they will be invited to create an account in order to connect with you.

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