Adding Barcode Values in WooCommerce

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Adding Barcode Values in WooCommerce

Certain Buyers require UPC codes to be assigned to products in order to merchandise them.

The WooCommerce API does not support directly adding UPC values to products. There is no field specifically named for Barcode.

However, Barcodes can be added to products by creating Product Metafields that describe additional data associated with the product. See: WooCommerce's product metafields documentation.

The array of data that needs to be added to your existing products will look like this for adding UPCs to products:

[{ "id": 1, 
"key": "barcode",
"value": "12345678912"
"id": 2,
"key": "barcode_type",
"value": "upc"

After those metafields are added, Convictional's WooCommerce integration will automatically detect the presence of your Barcode values (UPC, GTIN, etc) based on the value set for "barcode_type".

If your business is unable to add product metafields yourself but would like to use a WooCommerce plugin to add the values, consider reviewing Product GTIN to see if it meets your needs.

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