​How Invoicing Works

Invoicing in Convictional

Jeremy Tupper
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​Importing Products

To import products via CSV, you will need to upload your products using the Convictional Products CSV template.

Stephen Choi
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Adding a Buy Button to a Shopify Store

Convictional Buy Buttons are an easy way to capture more potential buyers.

Keith Weaver
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Creating Product SKUs

This article talks about the importance of SKUs and how to create them so that you can get setup with customers.

Jessica Powell
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Downloadable Image Links

Sellers who import their products via CSV need to include the correct image links in order for product images to be available for buyers. CDN-Hosted Images. In the Importing Products template there i…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
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Handling Returns

Handling returns is easier with Convictional. Track them, report and credit buyers all in a single dashboard.

Kyle Tymoszewicz
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Inviting Customers

Inviting customers to join the Convictional network and start trading with you.

Jessica Powell
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Manual Fulfillment

Steps for manually fulfilling orders in Convictional.

Kyle Tymoszewicz
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Packing Slips - Sellers

Generating packing slips for Convictional sellers.

Arjav Patel
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